Narendra Modi was the prime minister of India as of my most recent update in September 2021. Please be aware, though,
that my information may be out-of-date, and I suggest reviewing more recent sources to get the most up-to-date details.

pm modi

Since May 26, 2014, prominent Indian politician Narendra Modi has held the office of prime minister. He is a leader of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA),
a confederation of many political parties, and a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Narendra Modi has carried out numerous programs and policies throughout his time as prime minister with a focus on social welfare, infrastructure development,
and economic growth. Several of the significant projects started under his direction include:

Make in Indi :


An initiative to promote manufacturing and attract foreign investment in India, with the goal of transforming
the country into a global manufacturing hub. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Mission):
A nationwide campaign to promote cleanliness and sanitation, aiming to make India open-defecation-free and improve waste management.

Jan Dhan Yojana:

A financial inclusion scheme to provide bank accounts to millions of unbanked people in India and offer them access to various financial services.
Goods and Services Tax (GST): A comprehensive indirect tax reform to simplify the tax structure and promote ease of doing business in India. Ayushman Bharat:
A healthcare initiative that aims to provide health insurance coverage to economically vulnerable citizens for secondary and tertiary healthcare services.

Digital India:

An ambitious program to promote digital literacy and facilitate digital governance and services across the country.

Narendra Modi’s tenure has also been marked by both supporters praising his efforts for economic growth and infrastructure development
and critics raising concerns over issues such as religious tensions, freedom of speech, and social inequalities. Keep in mind that political situations can change rapidly,
and it’s always best to refer to more recent sources for the latest information about Narendra Modi and his role as Prime Minister of India.

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